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The Mummy's Head, or, Nick Carter's Egyptian mystery
The Abduction Syndicate, or, Nick Carter against the short interest
The Toils of a Siren, or, Nick Carter's busiest day
The Mark of a Circle, or, Nick Carter's seven sworn enemies
The green scarab, or, Nick Carter's beautiful mystery
A shot in the dark, or, Nick Carter's midnight adventure
The Hidden Crime, or, Nick Carter's telephone clew
The Secret Entrance, or, Nick Carter and the child stealers
The cavern mystery, or, Nick Carter's puzzle of the leather bag
The antique vial, or, Nick Carter's curious mystery
The Midnight Message, or, Nick Carter and the mountain mystery
A royal flush, or, Nick Carter's pursuit of a living mystery
A resourceful foe, or, Nick Carter defied
Doctor Quartz, the second, or, Nick Carter and the freight car mystery
Jack Wise's hurry call, or, Nick Carter youngest assistant gets busy
Nick Carter's advertisement, or, A new way to catch a criminal
The Kregoff necklace, or, Nick Carter unearths a secret
Nick Carter and the nihilists, or, The mine under the grand duke's palace