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The little joker, or, Always ready for fun
Sam Spry, the New York drummer, or, Business before pleasure
Mike McGuinness, or, Traveling for pleasure
Shorty kids, or, Three chips of three old blocks
The book agent's luck
The forest mystery
Muldoon's vacation
Jack o' the plains, or, The headless Mazeppa
The haunted pioneer, or, Fighting for Texas
Jack Hawser's tavern
Joseph Jump and his old blind nag
Little Mike Malloy, the pride of the Irish coast
Cast up, or, Adventures on the briny deep
Shortys' country store
Young Davy Crockett, or, The hero of Silver Gulch
Sassy Sam Sumner
The lighthouse on the rock
Hildebrandt Fitzgum, or, My quiet little cousin
Cheeky and Chipper, or, Through thick and thin
Dick the shadow, or, The mysterious trails of the backwoods