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Going the limit, or, A big risk for big money : (a Wall Street story)
             Stock broker Dick, or, The boy who broke the Wall Street market
Check 765, or, The strangest tip in Wall Street
In the lumber trade, or, A winning speculator
An errand boy's fortune, or, The office of Wall Street secrets
Never say die, or, The young surveyor of Happy Valley
Making money, or, A Wall Street messenger's luck
A boy stock broker, or, From errand boy to millionaire
After the last dollar, or, The Wall Street boy who saved his boss
A born salesman, or, A young moneymaker on the road
Andy the auctioneer, or, Bidding in a fortune
Working the money market, or, The deals of a Wall St. boy
A lucky risk, or, The nerve of a Wall Street office boy
The little Wall Street speculator, or, The boy who became a stock broker
A Shortcut to fortune, and the smart boy who found it
The odds against him, or, A boy with grit
Among the sharks, or, The lights and shadows of Wall Street
Baffling the brokers, or, The boy with the iron nerve
In the film game, or, The boy who made moving pictures
From a dime to a million, or, A wide-awake Wall Street boy