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The flying scout
The black spy, or, The Yellowstone trail
The rival rovers, or, The flying wake
Eutawan, the slayer, or, The Plymouth scout
Old Zip, or, The cabin in the air
The young mustanger, or, The red terror of Texas
Single Hand, the Comanche Attila, or, The chaparral rangers
The Quaker scout, or, The fugitives of Wyoming
Quindaro, or, The heroine of Fort Laramie
The Falcon Rover
Agnes Falkland
The stone chief, or, The last of the giant Indians
The one-eyed trapper, or, The maid of the cliff
The Indian queen
Mountain Gid, the free ranger, or, The bandit's daughter
Red-Knife, the chief, or, The arrow-maker of the Miamis
The squaw spy, or, The rangers of the lava-beds
Afloat and ashore, or, The wreck of the Albion
Sumter's scouts, or, The riders of the Catawba
Death-trailer, the scourge of the Plain Crees