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The flying scout
Agnes Falkland
The one-eyed trapper, or, The maid of the cliff
The Indian queen
Mountain Gid, the free ranger, or, The bandit's daughter
The squaw spy, or, The rangers of the lava-beds
Carson, the guide, or, Perils of the frontier
Moccasin Bill, or, Cunning serpent the Ojibwah
Indian Joe, the guide, or, The White Spirit of the hills
The specter chief, or, The Indian's revenge
The vailed benefactress, or, The rocking stone mystery
Wenona, the giant chief, or, The forest flower
The five champions, or, The backwoods belle
White Serpent, the Shawnee scourge, or, Indian Heart, the renegade
The wrong man : a tale of the early settlements
Old Lute, the Indian-fighter, or, The den in the hills
The boy ranger, or, The heiress of the golden horn
The boy pioneer
Bess, the trapper
Tom Hawk, the trailer, or, The forest tragedy