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The captain of no. 9, or, The boy loggers of Loon Lake
Lost in the Andes,  or, The treasure of the buried city
Among the tusk hunters, or, The boy who found a diamond mine
Tom Topp, or, Fighting against fiends
Dick Decker, the brave young fireman
Adrift in the tree-tops
Trapper Duke, or, The female avenger
Young Jack Harkaway in Turkey
Young Jack Harkaway in Spain
Young Jack Harkaway and his boy tinker
Jack Harkaway and the bushrangers
Jack Harkaway and the convicts
Jack Harkaway, the avenger
Jack Harkaway, the magician
Jack Harkaway to the rescue
Jack Harkaway's peril
Jack Harkaway on Magic Island
Jack Harkaway's triumph
Jack Harkaway and his son homeward bound
Jack Harkaway and his son's adventures round the world