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Nick Carter's detective school, or, The young reporter's first case
In Nick Carter's hands, or, A fool and his money soon parted
Trim behind the footlights, or, The hold-up at the casino
Nick Carter does his best, or, A fortune in the ballance
Trim turns professor and teaches a lesson to a queer pupil
Trim's electric machine, or, The man who had charge of the office
Nick Carter at the track, or, How he became a dead game sport
Trim in Kansas City, or, The detective's experiment in second sight
Trim's run of luck, or, A case concluded ahead of time
Trim in the crescent city, or, The break in the levee
Trim in Mexico, or, Breaking up a secret society
Trim's secret mission, or, A green countryman in town
Trim in Cincinnati, or, Following a bogus clue
A scientific forger, or, The great bank swindle
A hidden clue, or, The mystery of the black sack