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Adria, the adopted, or, The mystery of Ellesford Grange
The privateer's bride, or, The channel scud
The hunchback, or, The cave castle
The white gladiator, or, Manola, the sun-child
Sheet-Anchor Tom, or, The sunken treasure
The backwoods' bride
The wrecker's prize
Ruth Margerie
Alice Wilde, the raftsman's daughter
The double hero
Laughing Eyes
Ruby Roland, the girl spy, or, Simon Kenton's protege
masked spy, or, The wild rider of the hills
Indian Jim
outlaw's wife, or, The Valley Ranche
Nat Wolfe, or, The gold hunters
Dead shot, or, The White Vulture
Myra, the child of adoption
Myrtle, the child of the prairie
Hates and loves, or, The lesson of four lives