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Agnes Falkland
The stone chief, or, The last of the giant Indians
The one-eyed trapper, or, The maid of the cliff
Red Hand, or, The channel scourge
Captain of captains, or, The broom of the seas
The Sea King, or, The two corvettes
The border rivals, or, The mill-flume mystery
The black rider, or, Life and love on the border
Foul-weather Jack, or, The double wreck
Little Moccasin, or, Along the Madawaska
The ocean outlaw, or, The stolen sister
Old Avoirdupois, or, Steel Coat, the Apache terror
The red prince, or, The last of the Aztecs
The gold demon, or, Lamora, the maid of the canon
The white canoe, or, The spirit of the lake
Bald Eagle, or, The last of the Ramapaughs
The dragoon's bride
The forest princess, or, the Kickapoo captives
The island bride, or, Cast away
The white hermit, or, The unknown foe