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winged messenger, or, Risking all for a heart
Two young girls, or, The bride of an earl
His heart's mistress, or, Love at first sight
In spite of herself, or, Jeannette's reparation
Because she loved him, or, How will it end?
little heiress, or, Under a cloud
baronet's secret, or, The rival half-sisters
Beatrice, the beautiful, or, His second love
Blind devotion, or, Love against the world
Pledged to marry, or, In love's bonds
A brave heart, or, Startlingly strange
His own again, or, Trust her not
Sir Archer's bride, or, The queen of his heart
Sinned against, or, The Winthrop pride
marriage of convenience, or, Was he a count?
The three sisters, or, The mystery of Lord Chalfont