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The black spy, or, The Yellowstone trail
Eutawan, the slayer, or, The Plymouth scout
The Quaker scout, or, The fugitives of Wyoming
Quindaro, or, The heroine of Fort Laramie
The Falcon Rover
Agnes Falkland
The stone chief, or, The last of the giant Indians
The Indian queen
Sumter's scouts, or, The riders of the Catawba
The vailed benefactress, or, The rocking stone mystery
The corsair prince
Ethan Allen's rifles, or, The Green-Mountain Boys
The five champions, or, The backwoods belle
The backwoods banditti, or, The hidden home
The blacksmith of Antwerp
Rob Ruskin, the prairie rover, or, The forest maid
Mossfoot, the brave, or, The fat scout of Oneida Lake
Caribou Zip, or, The forest brothers
Rainbolt, the ranger, or, The aerial demon of the mountain
The border rivals, or, The mill-flume mystery