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Chips and Chin Chin's adventures with Indians
Dick Lightheart in London
Dick Lightheart at sea
Harkaway and the Italians, or, The brigand's doom
Harkaway and the brigands
Harkaway and the Black Band
Harkaway afloat
Dick Lightheart's trials
Corkey, or, The tricks and travels of a supe
Starboard Jack, or, Nimble reefer of the schoolship Mercury
Paul Jones
One of the boys of New York, or, The adventures of Tommy Bounce
Harry Hale
Harkaway and the bushrangers
Harkaway on Magic Island
Young Harkaway and the pirates
Red Leary, the bill-poster, or, The murder on the pier
Jim Jams, or, Jack of all trades
Clarence Rhett, or, The cruise of a privateer
Devil's diamond, or, The fortunes of Richard of the Raven's crest