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Mulligan's boy
Harkaway in Australia
Shortys married and settled down
James boys at Cracker Neck
Tommy Bounce, Jr., or, A chip of the old block
Stuttering Sam
The wolf of the waves
A bad boy's note-book
Young Captain Tom Drake, or, In search of the pirates' home
Behind the scenes, or, Out with a New York combination
Smart & Co., the boy peddlers
Shortys' Christmas snaps
The boy Crusoes, or, The young castaways of the Pacific
Shortys in the wild west
Little Blind Joe, or, The sharks of New York
The waifs of New York
Those quiet twins
The twelve owls, or, The secret band of Chicago
The little joker, or, Always ready for fun
Sam Spry, the New York drummer, or, Business before pleasure