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A clue from the clouds, or, Nick Carter's mysterious evidence
The black flag of piracy, or, Nick Carter's daring venture
The child of the jungle, or, Nick Carter's ingenious ruse
The vampire's prey, or, Nick Carter's blow at policy
The taxicab mystery, or, Nick Carter closes a deal
Buffalo Bill and Grizzly Dan, or, Pawnee Bill's giant swing
Buffalo Bill's pueblo foes, or, Pawnee Bill at the Indian fiesta
Buffalo Bill's witchcraft, or, Pawnee Bill and the snake Aztecs
Buffalo Bill and the Pawnee prophet, or, Pawnee Bill among friends and foes
Buffalo Bill and the Apache kid, or, Pawnee Bill's winning hand
Buffalo Bill and the skeleton horseman, or, Teton John, the half-blood
Buffalo Bill's flying wonder, or, Zamba, the king of fire
The woman of the mask, or, Nick Carter's quadruple mystery
The seven-headed monster, or, Nick Carter's midnight caller
Zanabayah, the terrible, or, Nick Carter's struggle with the Vitic king
The making of a king, or, Nick Carter faces his greatest mystery
Idayah, the woman of mystery, or, Nick Carter's fourfold problem
Facing an unseen terror, or, Nick Carter's day of blunders
The index of seven stars, or, Nick Carter finds the hidden city
Clarice, the woman detective, or, Nick Carter's titled assistant