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North Pole Nat, or, The secret of the frozen deep
Cecil's deceit, or, The diamond legacy
Adria, the adopted, or, The mystery of Ellesford Grange
The white canoe, or, The spirit of the lake
The secret of page 99, or, An old book cover
The wild bull of Kerry, or, A battle for life
Alone in the world, or, The young man's ward
Heart to heart, or, Fair Phyllis' love
A daughter of Eve, or, Blinded by love
Forbidden bans, or, Alma's disguised prince
brother's sin, or, Flora's forgiveness
wife's secret, or, 'Twixt cup and lip
What jealousy did, or, The heir of Worsley Grange
The secret marriage, or, A duchess in spite of herself
widow's wiles, or, A bitter vengeance
ebon mask, or, The mysterious guardian
A brave girl, or, Sunshine at last