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The boy canoeist, or, Over 1,000 miles in a canoe
Sixty mile Sam, or, Bound to be on time
Claim 33, or, The boys of the mountain
The maniac engineer, or, A life's mystery
Railroad Rob, or, The train wreckers of the West
The house of skulls, or, The boy miners of Blizzard Bay
Captain Jim and Pilot Joe, or, The rival steamboats of Crooked Lake
Gunboat Dick, or, Death before dishonor
Around the world on a bicycle, a story of adventures in many lands
The young king, or, Dick Dunn in search of his brother
Robinson Crusoe, Jr
The wolf hunters of Minnesota
Railroad Ralph, the boy engineer
The maniac engineer, or, A life's mystery
Little Mac, the boy engineer, or, Bound to do his best