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Chips and Chin Chin's adventures with Indians
Shorty Junior, or, The son of his dad
One of the boys of New York, or, The adventures of Tommy Bounce
Chips and Chin Chin
Chips and Chin Chin, the two orphans
Shorty and the Count, or, The two great unmashed
Shorty Jr. on his ear, or, Always on a racket
Shorty, or, Kicked into good luck
Tommy Bounce
Shortys married and settled down
Tommy Bounce, Jr., or, A chip of the old block
Stuttering Sam
Tumbling Tim, or, Traveling with a circus
Shortys' trip around the world
Shorty in search of his dad
Stump, or, "Little, but, oh, my!"
Behind the scenes, or, Out with a New York combination
Smart & Co., the boy peddlers
Shortys' Christmas snaps
Shortys in the wild west