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Mulligan's boy
Corkey, or, The tricks and travels of a supe
Mulcahey twins
Jim Jams, or, Jack of all trades
Shoo-Fly at school
Shoo-Fly, or, Nobody's moke
Mike McGuinness, or, Traveling for pleasure
Muldoon's vacation
Hildebrandt Fitzgum, or, My quiet little cousin
Muldoon's picnic
Muldoon abroad
Muldoon's base ball club in Boston
Senator Muldoon
The comical adventures of two dudes
Muldoon's trip around the world
The traveling dude, or, The comical adventures of Clarence Fitz Roy Jones
Jack and Jim, or, Rackets and scrapes at school
Muldoon in Ireland, or, The solid man on the old sod
Muldoon's hotel
Muldoon's flats