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Nick Carter and the missing jewels, or, A tale of uncertain clews
Nick Carter forging the fetters, or, The outwitting of a clever villain
Nick Carter and the Langworthy treasure, or, The strange doings at the ruined fort
Nick Carter on his mettle, or, The trapping of Cool Kate
Nick Carter's battle against odds, or, The mystery of the Detroit pawnbroker
Nick Carter's clever capture, or, The tip that didn't work
Nick Carter's three-cornered chase, or, How Patsy looped the loop
Nick Carter and Keno M'Call, or, The fate of a stool pigeon
Nick Carter in the hidden chamber, or, The hunt for the lost millionaire
Nick Carter's three perils, or, A story of hypnotic power
Nick Carter's great success, or, The hunting down of insurance frauds
The twenty doctors, or, The mystery of the coast
Sixty mile Sam, or, Bound to be on time