Scanning Specifications

Any materials digitized for the Nickels and Dimes must adhere to the following minimum requirements. Any divergences from these minimum requirements will be documented in the project's specifications.

Image Types Bit Depth Color Space Resolution (ppi) Scale File Format
B&W Text Only 1-bit Bitonal 600dpi 100% (1:1) TIFF (uncompressed or lossless compression)
B&W Text with Illustrations 8-bit Grayscale 400dpi 100% (1:1) TIFF (uncompressed)
Text with Continuous-Tone Images & Photos (Color) 24-bit RGB 400dpi 100% (1:1) TIFF (uncompressed)


    • Materials are handled as little as possible and stored in a secured location when not in use.
    • Bound materials are scanned lying flat.
    • Scanning of tightly-bound materials occasionally requires removing the binding, which is done in consultation with the Project Manager and Content Provider.
    • Glass is used to flatten pages for scanning, but only when it poses no danger to the materials.
    • Uncut book edges will be cut by scanning technicians, unless otherwise requested.
    • Materials are handled with clean, bare hands, unless otherwise requested.


    • Scans will include an archival border.
    • Displayed images are .jpg derivatives of .tiff master files.

    Material selection

    • Items are selected based on completeness of the collection and earliest printing.
    • When multiple copies of the item exist in collection, the earliest printing is the preferred scanning document.
    • At times, multiple copies of the same work may be scanned to show differences in printings, or if a more significant version is found at a later date.