The young deserters, or, The mystery of Ramsey Island
by Capt. Thos. H. Wilson., Caption title., Illustrated paper cover in colors., Printed in double columns., "June 4, 1924"--Cover., "Stories of adventure"--Cover., " "Let him up, you fiend!" he shouted. "Ha! Ha!" shrieked the madman. Joe looked around, and saw a rock the size of his fist lying upon the ground. He picked it up and, aiming at the giant, flung it with all his strength. "--Cover illustrated caption., Includes story, page 22: Breaking the record, or, Around the world in thirty-three days / by William Wade.
The boy with the steel mask, or, A face that was never seen
by Allan Arnold., Caption title., Printed in double columns., Illustrated paper cover in colors., "October 20, 1920"--Cover., "Complete stories of adventure"--Cover., "Without apparent effort, he then lifted the woodman from the ground, raised him above his head for a moment, and then dashed him to the earth, crying: "Ungrateful dog, how dare you molest one who sought to befriend you?"--Cover., Includes short story (page 22): Charlie Chapman's courage, or, The boy who took care of his mother / by William Wade., Includes short story (page 24): My adventure with the pirates / by Col. Ralph Fenton.