Hunter Ham, or, The outlaw's crime
by J. Edgar Iliff., Illustrated paper cover in color., Originally published as: Ham, the hunter, or, The outlaw's crime.
The boy with the steel mask, or, A face that was never seen
by Allan Arnold., Caption title., Printed in double columns., Illustrated paper cover in colors., "October 20, 1920"--Cover., "Complete stories of adventure"--Cover., "Without apparent effort, he then lifted the woodman from the ground, raised him above his head for a moment, and then dashed him to the earth, crying: "Ungrateful dog, how dare you molest one who sought to befriend you?"--Cover., Includes short story (page 22): Charlie Chapman's courage, or, The boy who took care of his mother / by William Wade., Includes short story (page 24): My adventure with the pirates / by Col. Ralph Fenton.
The first trail, or, The forest foundling
by James L. Bowen., Illustrated paper cover in color., Originally published under title: The frontier scout., Later edition published under title: The young ranger.
The young deserters, or, The mystery of Ramsey Island
by Capt. Thos. H. Wilson., Caption title., Illustrated paper cover in colors., Printed in double columns., "June 4, 1924"--Cover., "Stories of adventure"--Cover., " "Let him up, you fiend!" he shouted. "Ha! Ha!" shrieked the madman. Joe looked around, and saw a rock the size of his fist lying upon the ground. He picked it up and, aiming at the giant, flung it with all his strength. "--Cover illustrated caption., Includes story, page 22: Breaking the record, or, Around the world in thirty-three days / by William Wade.