Smokestack Bob, the hero of the rail
by J. R. Scott., Caption title., "October 23, 1896."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
Young Dick Plunket, or, The trials and tribulations of Ebenezer Crow
by Sam Smiley., Caption title., "December 5, 1891."--Caption., Printed in triple columns.
Sam Spry, the New York drummer, or, Business before pleasure
by Peter Pad., Caption title., "April 6, 1887"--Caption., Printed in triple columns., Peter Pad is a pseudonym for George G. Small--Edward T. LeBlanc memorial dime novel bibliography.
Captain Tom Drake, or, The young privateers
by H. C. Emmet., Caption title., "July 26, 1882."--Caption., Printed in triple columns.