Bluejacket, the boy scout of the wilderness
by Morris Redwing., Title from page 2., "December 25, 1896."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
Ocean Wolf
by George G. Small., Caption title., "July 23, 1892."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
The twenty silent wolves, or, The wild riders of the mountains
by Richard R. Montgomery., Caption title., Illustrated paper cover in colors., Printed in double columns., "January 24, 1906"--Cover., "Complete stories of adventure"--Cover., "Paul was flung on the ground and secured, while gags were placed on each of the prisoners. A bright light then glared out from the turret of the mansion, and another pistol shot rang out on the night air"--Cover.
The twin boy scouts
by Percy B. St. John., Previously published as Five cent wide awake library, vol. 1, no. 488., Title from page 2., "November 9, 1894."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
Three dashing Hussars
Sequel: Pat O'Corker, or, Always to the front., Caption title., "October 29, 1880."--Edward T. LeBlanc bibliography of story papers, dime novels, and libraries., Printed in triple columns.
Young Capt. Perry, the hero of 1812
by George G. Small., Caption title., "July 2, 1892."--Caption., Printed in triple columns., George G. Small uses the pseudonym Bricktop--The Edward T. LeBlanc memorial dime novel bibliography.