Zola, the old trapper's daughter
by R.T. Emmet., Caption title., "October 31, 1881."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
Young King Crusoe, or, The treasure-trove of Falcon Key
by C. Little., Caption title., "April 30, 1892."--Caption., Printed in double columns., C. Little is a pseudonym for Shackleford, H. K. (Harvey King), 1841-1906--The Edward T. LeBlanc memorial dime novel bibliography.
Young Karl Kruger, or, The richest boy in the Transvaal
by Berton Bertrew., Caption title., Illustrated paper cover in colors., Printed in double columns., "July 16, 1924"--Cover., "Stories of adventure"--Cover., "Karl advanced to within fifty feet of him and fired. With a roar, the lion reared upon hi hind feet, clawed the air, and brushed one paw over his face, as if to scrape off something that had stung him."--Cover illustration caption., Includes story, page