"7" of dismal swamp
by Gus Williams., Title from page 2., "April 11, 1891"--Caption., Printed in triple columns.
Denver Dan, Jr., and his band of deadshots
by "Noname.", Previously published as Five cent wide awake library, vol. 1, no. 540., Caption title., "September 25, 1896."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
Doomed, or, The Secret League of Boston
by Jas. D. Montague., Title from page 2., "November 7, 1883."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
The nemesis, or, Tracked to their doom
Caption title., "December 3, 1879."--Caption., Pages 1-9 printed in triple columns, pages 10-15 printed in double columns., "Continued from "Wide Awake Library" No. 194."--Caption.
The red circle
Caption title., "December 1, 1879."--Edward T. LeBlanc bibliography of story papers, dime novels, and libraries., Printed in triple columns.
The twelve owls, or, The secret band of Chicago
by Paul Braddon., Caption title., "August 10, 1887."--Caption., Printed in double columns.