actor's son
by Gus Williams., Previously published as Five cent wide awake library, vol. 2, no. 1130., Caption title., "August 13, 1897."--Caption., Printed in triple columns.
Joe Dodger, the boy ventriloquist
by Gus Williams., Caption title., "April 3, 1896."--Caption., Printed in triple columns.
The actor's son
by Gus Williams., Caption title., "July 16, 1892."--Caption., Printed in triple columns.
"7" of dismal swamp
by Gus Williams., Title from page 2., "April 11, 1891"--Caption., Printed in triple columns.
Roddy the call boy, or, Born to be an actor
by Gus Williams, Caption title., Illustrated paper cover in colors., Printed in double columns., "July 7, 1915"--Title page., "Stories of adventure"--Title page., "Then, to Roddy's inexpressible horror, Bradford approached the trunk. But before he could open it Roddy threw up the lid and sprang out. Bill recoiled, uttering a yell of affright."--Cover., Includes short story (page 23): Jumping Jack, the boy acrobat, or, Leaping into luck / by William Wade., Includes short story (page 26): Hurricane Hal, or, The boy who was born at sea / by J. P. Richards., Previously printed as, Pluck and luck ; no. 61.
Dot boy Fritz
by Gus Williams., Caption title., "December 14, 1878."--Edward T. LeBlanc bibliography of story papers, dime novels, and libraries., Pages 1-16 printed in triple columns, pages 17-30 printed in double columns., Includes the short story: As Dutch as sour krout / by Gus Williams., Includes the short story (incomplete): Hans' Christmas / by Gus Williams.