Clarence Rhett, or, The cruise of a privateer
by Ned Buntline., Caption title., "July 5, 1879."--Caption., Printed in triple columns., Includes the short story: The tyrant's doom., Includes the short story: A Christmas story.
Captain Tom Drake, or, The young privateers
by H. C. Emmet., Caption title., "July 26, 1882."--Caption., Printed in triple columns.
Privateer Tom
by the author of Captain Tom Drake., Title from page 2., "April 11, 1883."--Caption., Printed in triple columns., Author name from Wide awake library no. 506.
Young Capt. Perry, the hero of 1812
by George G. Small., Caption title., "July 2, 1892."--Caption., Printed in triple columns., George G. Small uses the pseudonym Bricktop--The Edward T. LeBlanc memorial dime novel bibliography.
Ocean Wolf
by George G. Small., Caption title., "July 23, 1892."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
The twin boy scouts
by Percy B. St. John., Previously published as Five cent wide awake library, vol. 1, no. 488., Title from page 2., "November 9, 1894."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
Stuttering Mose, or, The old scout of the Revolution
by Gen. J. L. Johnston., Caption title., "August 28, 1896."--Caption., Printed in double columns.
Sumter's aide
by Capt. Geo. Granville., Caption title., "November 27, 1896."--Caption., Printed in double columns.