Watching his chance, or, From ferry boy to captain
by a Self-made man., Caption title., "November 6, 1925.", "Stories of boys who make money.", Printed in double columns., Self-made man is a pseud. for James perkins Tracy. Also wrote under the name Beverly Kennon. Cf. Dime novel companion., Includes chapters I-II of: Harry the half-back, or, A footballist for fair / by Gaston Garne.
Wild Frank, the buckskin bravo, or, Lady Lilly's love
by Edw. L. Wheeler., Cover title., "Nov. 29, 1899.", Illustrated paper cover in color.
Will Scarlet the brave
Title from caption., Illustrated paper cover in color.
Yellowstone Kelly, a story of adventures in the great West
by an Old Scout., Cover title., Illustrated paper cover in colors., Printed in double columns., "Although our friends fought and struggled manfully, they were strapped firmly, each on a wild, kicking, struggling steed, which half a dozen Indians could scarcely hold, with their heads towards the heads of the animals. Old Yellowstone Kelly was tied on the white horse"--Cover., "February 11, 1920"--Cover., "Stories of adventure"--Page 1., Includes short story (page 24): The midnight shadow, or, The mystery of the seven steps / by William Wade., Includes short story (page 25): Bob, the ice king, or, Out to find the pole / by J. P. Richards.
Young Karl Kruger, or, The richest boy in the Transvaal
by Berton Bertrew., Caption title., Illustrated paper cover in colors., Printed in double columns., "July 16, 1924"--Cover., "Stories of adventure"--Cover., "Karl advanced to within fifty feet of him and fired. With a roar, the lion reared upon hi hind feet, clawed the air, and brushed one paw over his face, as if to scrape off something that had stung him."--Cover illustration caption., Includes story, page 22: The boy behind the bar, or, The terrible stories he told / by William Wade., Previously printed as: Pluck and luck ; no. 562.