Twenty boy spies, or, The secret band of Dismal Hollow
by Gen. Jas. A. Gordon., Caption title., Illustrated paper cover in colors., Printed in double columns., "April 28, 1920"--Cover., "Complete stories of adventure"--Cover., "Ten young patriots stood in front of him, eight paces distant, with rifles in their hands. "John Griswold," cried the captain, in clear ringing tones, "you have five minutes to live, ere you die the death of a traitor!" "--Cover illustrated caption., Includes short story (page 24): The midnight shadow, or, The mystery of the seven steps / by William Wade., Includes short story (page 25): Bob, the ice king, or, Out to find the pole / by J. P. Richards.
Young Capt. Perry, the hero of 1812
by George G. Small., Caption title., "July 2, 1892."--Caption., Printed in triple columns., George G. Small uses the pseudonym Bricktop--The Edward T. LeBlanc memorial dime novel bibliography.
Young Dick Plunket, or, The trials and tribulations of Ebenezer Crow
by Sam Smiley., Caption title., "December 5, 1891."--Caption., Printed in triple columns.