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Frank Merriwell at Henley, or, Life on a house-boat
Frank Merriwell betrayed, or, The downfall of Hodge
Frank Merriwell doomed, or, The Anti-Dreyfus League
Frank Merriwell in Paris, or, The man without a name
Frank Merriwell suspected, or, For the honor of France
Frank Merriwell wins, or, The success of "True Blue"
Frank Merriwell's admirers, or, Annoyed by attention
Frank Merriwell's ball team, or, Winning the first game
Frank Merriwell's bat, or, Saved by an alibi
Frank Merriwell's Black Beauty, or, Winning the Derby
Frank Merriwell's boom, or, The New York production
Frank Merriwell's caddie, or, On the St. Andrew's golf links