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Frank Merriwell's backer, or, Among London sports
Frank Merriwell's first part, or, The start as an actor
Frank Merriwell on the road, or, The all-star combination
Frank Merriwell accused, or, Reaping the harvest
Frank Merriwell's protégé, or, Lending a helping hand
Frank Merriwell held up, or, The robbery of the Mountain Express!
Frank Merriwell's advancement, or, Engineer of the Mountain Express
Frank Merriwell's hard luck, or, A slip on the ladder
Frank Merriwell, engineer, or, The turn of fortune
Frank Merriwell's first run, or, The chance of his life
Frank Merriwell's opportunity, or, The ghost of Black Gorge
Frank Merriwell, fireman, or, The first step upward
Frank Merriwell, engine wiper, or, At the foot of the ladder