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Lightning Leo's luck, or, The rats of the river
A madcap scheme, or, The boy treasure hunters of Cocos Island
His last nickel, or, What it did for Jack Rand
A favorite of fortune, or, Striking it rich in Wall Street
A lucky chance, or, Taking fortune on the wing
Pushing it through, or, The fate of a lucky boy
Adrift on the world, or, Working his way to fortune
Striving for fortune, or, From bellboy to millionaire
Buried gold, or, The treasure of the old buccaneers
Always lucky, or, Winning on his merits
After a square deal, or, The richest claim in the West
A golden treasure, or, The mystery of an old trunk
A Shortcut to fortune, and the smart boy who found it
A boy with brains, or, A fortune from a dime
Bill's bond syndicate, or, A fortune from a two cent stamp
Three copper cents, and, How they made a waifs fortune
A million in diamonds, or, The treasure of the hidden valley
The boy gold king, or, The greatest mine in the world
Hunting for treasure, or, The pirate's chest of gold
$10,000 reward, or, The fortune of a bank clerk