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Smart as they come, or, The boss of the Wall Street messengers
Hal Halman's tip, or, Scooping the Wall Street market
$50,000 from a nickel, or, The boy who was lucky in stocks
Master of the market, or, The boy who cornered the stock
The brotherhood of gold, or, A daring Wall Street game
Back-Number Bixby, or, The boy who was up to the minute
Going the limit, or, A big risk for big money
Driven to the wall, or, The nerve of a Wall Street boy
A "live" boy, or, Quick to get the dollars
Silent Sam of Wall Street, or, A wonderful run of luck
Benson's new boy, or, Whooping up the Wall Street market
Old Mystery, the broker, or, Playing a daring game
Bob's big risk, or, The chance that came but once
Phil the plunger, or, A nervy boy's game of chance
Money maker Mack, or, The boy who smashed a Wall Street "Ring"
The lad from 'Frisco, or, Pushing the "Big Bonanza"
The young Wall Street Jonah, or, The boy who puzzled the brokers
A mad broker's scheme, or, The corner that couldn't be worked
A boy from the South, or, Cleaning out a Wall Street crowd
The missing box of bullion, or, The boy who solved a Wall Street mystery