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Bob's big risk, or, The chance that came but once
A golden shower, or, The boy banker of Wall Street
A $30,000 tip, or, The young weazel of Wall Street
A grip on the market, or, A hot time in Wall Street
Nat Noble, the little broker, or, The boy who started a Wall Street panic
The young money magnate, or, The Wall Street boy who broke the market
A big risk, or, The game that won
A boy stock broker, or, From errand boy to millionaire
Tipped by the ticker, or, An ambitious boy in Wall Street
A bid for a fortune, or, A country boy in Wall Street
Out for the dollars, or, A smart boy in Wall Street
On the wing, or, The young mercury of Wall Street
Playing the market, or, A keen boy in Wall Street
Making money, or, A Wall Street messenger's luck
A corner in stock, or, The Wall Street boy who won
Golden fleece, or, The boy brokers of Wall Street
Playing to win, or, The foxiest boy in Wall Street
Tatters, or, A boy from the slums
Diamond cut diamond, or, The boy brokers of Wall Street
Ed, the office boy, or, The lad behind the deals