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Deacon Hale's grit, or, Ebenezer Day's mad ride
Jolly Skipper Jack, or, The young lieutenant's cruise
Nevada Bob's scoop, or, The San Francisco clerk's chase
Dutch Hans' pranks, or, Sylvester Stanton's scare
Cast Away Jack, or, The boy sailor of the reindeer
Iron-Nerve Despard, or, The man of many disguises
Tom Tatters, detective, or, The sharpest boy in Chicago
witch of Black Hollow, or, The dragoon's bride
Tom Swift's cruise, or, The wreck of the Albion
Molly, the girl captain, or, The Dutch peddler
two middies, or, The buccaneer's ward
Mexican's double, or, The gypsy's revenge
Dan, the darky dwarf, or, Brock and his trained dog