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The lighthouse on the rock
The forest mystery
The twelve owls, or, The secret band of Chicago
The waifs of New York
Little Blind Joe, or, The sharks of New York
Cripple Charley
Cadger Con
Sir Guy's secret
The fortunes of an acrobat
Red Leary, the bill-poster, or, The murder on the pier
Harkaway on Magic Island
Harkaway and the bushrangers
The nemesis, or, Tracked to their doom
Harkaway and the Black Band
Harkaway and the brigands
Harkaway and the Italians, or, The brigand's doom
Down and out, or, A hard boy to beat
Joe Wiley, the young temperance lecturer
Number 6, or, The young firemen of Carbondale
A haunted boy, or, The mad-house mystery