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A millionaire swindler, or, Nick Carter's exposure of a stupendous scheme
The money schemers, or, Nick Carter after the confidence king
The house of mystery, or, Nick Carter's strangest adventure
The disappearance of Monsieur Gereaux, or, Nick Carter and the river pirates
An heiress to millions, or, Nick Carter's remarkable fee
The time-lock puzzle, or, Nick Carter's bank-vault case
The tiger-tamer, or, Nick Carter's boldest strategy
A strange bargain, or, Nick Carter's dead-shot circus case
The haunted circus, or, Nick Carter lays a ghost
The secret of a private room, or, Nick Carter makes an experiment
The message in blue, or, Nick Carter's clue to a vast conspiracy
The detective's disappearance, or, Nick Carter is saved by Adelina
The midnight marauders, or, Nick Carter's telephone mystery
The child of the jungle, or, Nick Carter's ingenious ruse
Nick Carter's satanic enemy, or, The case of the easy mark
Three times stolen, or, Nick Carter's strange clue
The great diamond syndicate, or, Nick Carter's cleverest foes
The hand of the yellow door, or, Nick Carter in the old French Quarter
The affair of the missing bonds, or, Nick Carter in the harness
The green box clue, or, Nick Carter's good friend