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Alone in the world, or, The young man's ward
Cecil's deceit, or, The diamond legacy
pair of gray eyes, or, The emerald necklace
In his power, or, The shadow of a crime
Honor bound, or, Sealed to secrecy
Put to a test, or, A fortune hunter's fate
cost of a folly, or, Mistaken love
Pledged to marry, or, In love's bonds
brave girl, or, Sunshine at last
loyal lover, or, The last of the Grimspeths
wife's secret, or, 'Twixt cup and lip
Why I married him?, or, The woman in gray
Cherry, or, A daughter of the South
Sold for gold, or, Almost lost
Trust her not, or, A true knight
Is love a mockery?, or, Revenge is sweet
Beatrice, the beautiful, or, His second love
Her evil genius, or, Drifting on the tide