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A pot of money, or, The legacy of a lucky boy
A million in gold, or, The treasure of Santa Cruz
Making money, or, A Wall Street messenger's luck
A freak of fortune, or, The boy who struck luck
Starting his own business, or, The boy who caught on
A corner in stock, or, The Wall Street boy who won
The path to good luck, or, The boy miner of Death Valley
The boy gold hunters, or, After a pirate's treasure
The winning trick, or, How a boy made his mark
A start in life, or, A poor boy's rise to fame
Sure to get rich, or, A smart young messenger
The way to success, or, The boy who got there
A golden risk, or, The young miners of Della Cruz
Playing to win, or, The foxiest boy in Wall Street
Tatters, or, A boy from the slums
A rolling stone, or, The brightest boy on record
Striving for fortune, or, From bell-boy to millionaire
Out for business, or, The smartest boy in town
The ladder of fame, or, From office boy to senator
On the square, or, The success of an honest boy