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humbug detective, or, Steele Sharp's doubles
skipper's mate, or, The cruise of the Fire-Fly
Peter Peppergrass, the greenhorn from Gotham, and his comical adventures in the country
Gold Nugget Dick, or, Two boys' good luck
Mexican's double, or, The gypsy's revenge
Nat Dodge, the peddler, or, Black Cato's trick
Molly, the girl captain, or, The Dutch peddler
Jack, the coast detective, or, The disguised captain's clerk
Ned, the stowaway, or, Adrift in Brazil
Squatter Dick's oath, or, The bandit's black band
boy boomer, or, Pawnee Bill's protege
Detective Dick's pard, or, The New York reporters in Colorado
Bonny, the Dutch dame, or, The alderman's little protegee
Tommy's fast pacer, or, Searching for "Uncle Josiah"
squatter's surprise, or, Frontier life at Squire Bokers
Old Gotlieb, the jolly landlord, or, The daring Dutch damsel
Tom, the old tar, or, Jack Northrop's long cruise
Jolly Skipper Jack, or, The young lieutenant's cruise
Bullet-proof Nat, or, The wild gulch goblin
Four fellow scouts, or, The unseen hand