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Fighting the money kings, or, The little speculator of Wall Street
Ted, the broker's son, or, Starting out for himself
Under a lucky star, or, The boy who made a million in Wall Street
Taking chances, or, Playing for big stakes
Ten silent brokers, or, The boy who broke the Wall Street syndicate
Fox & day, brokers, or, The young money makers of Wall Street
Banker Barry's boy, or, Gathering the dollars in Wall Street
Eastman & Co., stocks and bonds, or, The twin boy brokers of Wall Street
After the golden eagles, or, A lucky young Wall Street broker
A bid for a fortune, or, A country boy in Wall Street
Out for the dollars, or, A smart boy in Wall Street
A favorite of fortune, or, Striking it rich in Wall Street
A mint of money, or, The young Wall Street broker
On his mettle, or, A plucky boy in Wall Street
Chasing pointers, or, The luckiest boy in Wall Street
Diamond cut diamond, or, The boy brokers of Wall Street
Out for a million, or, The young midas of Wall Street
Money to burn, or, The shrewdest boy in Wall Street
Tipped by the ticker, or, An ambitious boy in Wall Street
Lucky Lee the office boy, or, The nerviest lad in New York