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Red Slayer, the life hunter
The phantom foe, or, The maid of Montmorenci
The blue anchor, or, The lost bride
The red-skin's pledge, or, The double plot
The quadroon spy, or, The ranger's bride
Red Belt, the Tuscarora, or, The death trail
The two trails, or, Sam Grinter's search
The ice-fiend, or, The hunted whalemen
The red prince, or, The last of the Aztecs
The first trail, or, The forest foundling
Sheet-Anchor Tom, or, The sunken treasure
Old Avoirdupois, or, Steel Coat, the Apache terror
The white gladiator, or, Manola, the sun-child
The Blue Clipper, or, The smuggler spy
Red Dan, the ranger, or, The league of three
The fire-eater, or, The Texan's revenge
Blackhawk, the bandit, or, The Indian scout
The lost ship, or, The cruise for a shadow
Arrow, the avenger, or Judge Lynch on the border
White Serpent, the Shawnee scourge, or, Indian Heart, the renegade