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The captain of the vampire, or, The smugglers of the deep sea
A bank president's plot, or, Three villains of a stripe
The master criminal, or, With the devil in his eye
Inez, the mysterious, or, The master criminal's mascot
The point of a dagger, or, The criminal queen's madness
Dr. Quartz, the second, or, The great freight car mystery
Dr. Quartz II. at bay, or, A man of iron nerve
The great hotel murders, or, Dr. Quartz's quick move
Zanoni, the woman wizard, or, The ward of Dr. Quartz
The woman wizard's hate, or, A dangerous foe
The prison demon, or, The ghost of Dr. Quartz
Nick Carter and the hangman's noose, or, Dr. Quartz on earth again
Dr. Quartz's last play, or, A hand with a royal flush
Zanoni, the transfigured, or, Nick Carter's phantom mascot
By command of the czar, or, Nick Carter's boldest defiance
The conspiracy of an empire, or, Nick Carter's bravest act
A queen of vengeance, or, Nick Carter's beautiful nemesis
Daring Dan, the human mystery, or, Nick Carter's smoothest foe
Dan Derrington's double, or, Nick Carter's terrible test
The great gold swindle, or, The little giant's masterpiece