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broken betrothal, or, Love versus hate
Passion's reprisal, or, The bargain between them
Without mercy
In spite of herself, or, Jeannette's reparation
point of honor, or, Diamond cut diamond
ministering angel, or, Royal Thronleigh's mistake
Two young girls, or, The bride of an earl
She did not love him, or, Stooping to conquer
idol of clay, or, The love that never was told
strange marriage, or, John Foster's heiress
His heart's mistress, or, Love at first sight
perilous pledge, or, Mad for love
fair face, or, Out in the world
Almost won, or, For her father's sake
widow's wiles, or, A bitter vengeance
Because she loved him, or, How will it end?
Heart to heart, or, Fair Phyllis's love
Haunted hearts, or, The broken betrothal