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The wolf of the waves
Zola, the old trapper's daughter
Shortys' trip around the world
Tumbling Tim, or, Traveling with a circus
Stuttering Sam
Tommy Bounce, Jr., or, A chip of the old block
James boys at Cracker Neck
Shortys married and settled down
Tommy Bounce, Jr., in college
Out with the Jeannette, or, Two years among the icebergs
Captain Tom Drake, or, The young privateers
Fighting Joe, or, The game man of the plains
Bob Rollick, or, What was he born for?
Shortys out for fun
Shortys' Christmas and New Year at home
The steam man of the plains, or, The terror of the West
Privateer Tom
Billy, the bootblack, or, The trump card last
Extree Nick, the New York newsboy