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Old traps, or, The boy rivals
settler's son, or, Adventures in wilderness and clearing
Bronco Billy, the saddle prince
ice elephant, or, The castaways of the lone coast
snow hunters, or, Winter in the woods
Colorado boys, or, Life on an indigo plantation
boy vigilantes, or, King Cole and his band
Rifle and revolver, or, The Littleton Gun Club on the buffalo range
ocean hunters, or, The chase of Leviathan
boy crusader, or, How a page and a fool saved a king
Captain Fly-By-Night, or, The Colorado boys on the war-path
Woods and waters, or, the exploits of the Littleton Gun Club
young mustangers, or, Dick Merry's rangers
Yellow Hair, the boy chief of the Pawnees
young moose-hunters, or, Trail and camp-fire in the New Brunswick woods