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Only a dollar, or, From errand boy to owner
The path to good luck, or, The boy miner of Death Valley
The winning trick, or, How a boy made his mark
In the copper fields, or, The mine that made the money
Making his mark, or, The boy who became president
Ed, the office boy, or, The lad behind the deals
Beating the bucket-shops, or, Breaking up a crooked game : (a story of Wall Street)
Stocks and bonds, or, The firm with a grip on the market : (a Wall Street story)
In the lumber trade, or, A winning speculator
A boy's big deal, or, The Wall Street tip that won
Old Kitson's kid, or, The best tip in Wall Street
Barry & Co., bankers and brokers, or, The boy money=makers of Wall Street
An errand boy's fortune, or, The office of Wall Street secrets
A smart New York boy, or, From the tenements to Wall St.
The young banker, or, The mystery of a money=box
The boy behind the deals, or, The luck of a Wall Street broker
Thrown on the world, or, Starting business with a dollar
Down and out, or, A hard boy to beat
Little Dan Tucker, or, Making big money in Wall Street
Fighting for fame, or, The luck of a young contractor