(821 - 840 of 857)
The gold-lettered dagger, or, Nick Carter's most tragic case
That mysterious affair, or, Chick's wonderful twelve hours work
Praxatel, of the iron arm, or, Nick Carter follows an open trail
The man from Montana, or, Nick Carter and the cavern of gold
The man of many faces, or, Nick Carter behind the scenes
The last of the outlaws, or, How Nick Carter stopped the "cannon ball"
Nick Carter's twin mystery, or, The secret of the green automobile
A battle of wits, or, Nick Carter's fight for life
A game of five millions, or, Nick Carter's fight with a fiend
A dangerous woman, or, Nick Carter faces a crisis
The mysterious stranger, or, Nick Carter's complex case
The masked woman's daring plot, or, Nick Carter springs a surprise
A tragedy of the footlights, or, Nick Carter and the temple of vice
Three against fifteen, or, Patsy's splendid strategy
A dead man at the feast, or, Nick Carter's very slender clue
The lost bank president, or, Nick Carter takes a great big chance
Ralph Bolton's double plot, or, Nick Carter's three assistants at work
A mystery from the Klondike, or, Nick Carter's double-headed case
Nick Carter jumps a train and takes big chances