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The black flag of piracy, or, Nick Carter's daring venture
Following an ocean trail, or, Nick Carter's chase after pirates
A clue from the clouds, or, Nick Carter's mysterious evidence
Praxatel, of the iron arm, or, Nick Carter follows an open trail
The man from Montana, or, Nick Carter and the cavern of gold
Ismalla, the chieftain, or, Nick Carter among the barbarians
Nick Carter's earthquake clue, or, Amid falling walls in San Francisco
Nick Carter among the "bad men," or, The mystery of Injun Pete
The man of many faces, or, Nick Carter behind the scenes
A letter form the dead, or, Nick Carter's proudest moment
Bare faced Jimmy, gentleman burglar, or, Nick Carter's amazing experiment
The gentleman crook's last act, or, Nick Carter and the haunted island
The "skidoo" of the K.U. & T., or, Nick Carter's great train robbery case
The last of the outlaws, or, How Nick Carter stopped the "cannon ball"
Nick Carter's twin mystery, or, The secret of the green automobile
A battle of wits, or, Nick Carter's fight for life
A game of five millions, or, Nick Carter's fight with a fiend
Codman, the poisoner, or, Nick Carter's strangest experience
The plot of the poisoner, or, Nick Carter's hairbreadth escape
The mechanical giant, or, Nick Carter's assistant, Ten-Ichi, plays a lone hand